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Peach Fuzz


Meet Peach Fuzz 13-1023, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024
Each year, Pantone picks a Color of the Year, and for 2024, it’s Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023).
This gentle hue is like a mix of pink and orange, offering a cozy feeling.


It brings a sense of calmness and connection, giving florists a new way to think about soft colors.
Leatrice Eiseman from Pantone says Peach Fuzz is about feeling comfy and like you belong, whether you’re with others or by yourself.


For florists, using Peach Fuzz in arrangements adds a peaceful touch. Here are some flowers that go well with this color:


Coral Charm Peony: These peonies have a vibrant coral color, adding warmth to any arrangement.
Coral Sunset Tulip: These tulips have peachy coral petals that go perfectly with Peach Fuzz.
Apricot Ranunculus: These delicate apricot flowers bring elegance to floral designs.
Apricot Fudge Lisianthus: With soft peach petals, these lisianthus flowers blend well with other blooms.
Peach Avalanche Rose: These peach roses symbolize grace and gratitude, perfect for expressing heartfelt feelings in any arrangement.