Easy ordering from Flowervision

Get festive 


Christmas  Spruce now in stock 


We are monitoring how many people come into the C&C to shop, but there is no need to book a slot, customers are coming throughout the day.

We are open all day from 6.30 am until 4 pm on weekdays and 7 am until 10.30 on Saturdays, Sundays we are closed.

We have put some safe working practices in place so you can enjoy safe shopping. Face masks can be worn inside at your own discretion and please use the sanitizer by the door as you enter.

We are all looking forward to seeing our customers back in person again, obviously with social distancing.

 Customers who wish to continue to shop online buying up to midnight for collection the next day can continue to do so. This remains an even safer option you can collect your order in crates in cleaned, sanitized trollies now inside the main entrance.

             We look forward to seeing you soon.



Online collections are allowed between 6.30 and 3 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 7 am to 10 am, in the loading bay.


We are back to operating a contactless delivery service, 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.


 Webshop orders will be as follows:

Technically there is no minimum order, we ask customers to spend around 100 pounds to keep less movement of people and risk at this time.


You have 7 days to pay and 500 pounds credit limit, you can pay within our system and get reactivated.

 Three ways to order stock:


1] Pre-order, guide price. Orders can be arranged in advance using the dates provided. We will only charge you the same as if you buy from our cash and carry. Everything is available here and has the best selection of flowers. Cut off to order is 12 pm, midnight, you need to order 2 days before your delivery. You may still top-up from Lancashire stock and add plants, flowers, or sundries, the day after, it will still all arrive together on one invoice 


2] Holland livestock. Flowers are available from midnight until 10 am cut off. collections will be the next day and deliveries will be two days. 


 Live Plants Holland will also be available, with no packaging charge. available every weekday afternoon from 2 pm. Collection orders will be 3 days and delivery will be 4 days. This is due to Brexit extra inspection checks, and paperwork. 


 Plants direct from the grower, our latest addition, are available all week but will now have a plant inspection before departure and can have an impact on arrival times to us. Usually, 3 days to arrive for collection and delivery 4 days the calendar will indicate when it will be available. This is due to Brexit, and extra paperwork. 


3] Next-day delivery, livestock in Lancashire, Plants flowers or sundries to top up those last-minute orders, this can be added up to midnight and will automatically be delivered the next day.  You may buy from Lancashire stock if we have what you need without buying from Holland stock.